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What is YogaScape®?

A Yoga-style class carefully choreographed to flow with the music to help you be in tune with the present moment.

It is the gateway to mindfulness through the power of movement and music combined. Immerse yourself in the present moment as the music guides your flow, fostering a deep mind-body connection and an escape away from the fast-paced lives we live in.

YogaScape® will give you a sense of inner peace and relaxation. The class enhances flexibility, balance, mobility, and core strength. Over several weeks, witness your own growth and progression, feeling more refreshed and balanced in body and mind.

This class is perfect for busy people who struggle to relax. Escape the demands of every day life and feel better in both body and mind.


Why YogaScape®?

The Escape

Learn how YogaScape® can transport you into another dimension. Create something magical using our carefully crafted routines.

Crafted Choreography

Our choreography is passionately constructed to allow you to relax and get lost in the YogaScape® concept.

Take Us Anywhere

We allow you to teach your classes ANYWHERE! No licencing issues, no problems.

Yoga Like Never Before

Transform your life with our inclusive yoga programs. Deepen your practice, explore different styles, and cultivate mindfulness. Start your journey to self-realization and holistic wellness now.



Struggling For Time To Create Choreography?

Want Flexibility To Teach Anywhere & Everywhere?

Something Different For Your High Energy Clients

Teach A Class That Will Make YOU Feel Good too - enhance your flexibility & mobility


Seamless Choreography, Teaching Made Easy

YogaScape® makes planning a breeze! No more stressing over choreography; we’ve got it covered. You step into your class, feeling cool, calm, and ready to rock an amazing session for your members.

Freedom and Inclusivity

With each YogaScape® release, you’ll snag an exclusive playlist perfectly synced with the new content. It’s your ticket to creating an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere in every class. YogaScape® is all about embracing everyone. Our platform is designed to welcome everybody on their wellness journey, making sure no one misses out on the joy and empowerment yoga brings.

Affordable Quality and Consistency

Say hello to quality without breaking the bank! YogaScape® offers top-notch value. We’ve got your back, keeping it affordable while delivering excellence every step of the way.