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Struggling For Time To Create Choreography?

Yogascape® is your choreography time-saver! It’s all done for you – we’ve done the thinking so you can focus on what you do best! Teaching your lovely members.

Frustrated by Music Licence Restrictions?

Enjoy the freedom to teach where you want. We’ve hand-picked the very best royalty free music. A perfect combination of lyrical and non-lyrical tunes to take you and your members through the Yogascape® journey.

Fancy a Class for Your Own Mobility and Flexibility Boost?

Yogascape® is not just for your participants – it’s for you too! Join a class that not only benefits your clients but also gives your own mobility and flexibility the attention it deserves.



Efficiency & Quality

As a YogaScape® instructor, you gain access to meticulously crafted, pre-choreographed sequences of the highest quality. This saves you precious time in planning while ensuring top-notch sessions that captivate and inspire your participants.

Freedom with Music

Integration of license-free music liberates your creative expression. You have the freedom to curate diverse soundscapes that elevate the ambiance of your classes without the hassle of licensing constraints.

Flexibility in Teaching

YogaScape® empowers you to teach yoga anywhere – be it gyms, community spaces, or online platforms. This flexibility broadens your reach, allowing you to connect with diverse audiences and adapt seamlessly to different environments.

Continuous Evolution

Joining the YogaScape® community means staying ahead of the curve. With new releases every quarter, you have access to fresh, evolving content that keeps your classes exciting and adaptable, setting you apart as a dynamic and innovative instructor.

Connecting with High-Energy, Busy Clients?

Yogascape® is the answer for connecting with your high-energy, busy clients! We understand the challenge of settling into traditional yoga or pilates, so we’ve crafted an alternative that suits their pace, reducing stress and enhancing engagement.

Offering Something Different for Stress Relief?

Yogascape® offers a unique escape! Give your clients and yourself a break from everyday stresses. Escape in the movement to music: it’s a refreshing and stress-relieving alternative.

Worried About Growing Fitness Costs?

We’ve designed a low-cost solution at just £14.99 per month. We want to keep the quality high, the costs low and your fitness journey hassle-free.

Member Retention Stressing You Out?

Our classes follow a consistent routine, allowing your members to witness and feel their progress week after week. This not only keeps them engaged but also fosters a sense of achievement, promoting long-term commitment and satisfaction.




Begin your YogaScape® journey by easily signing up online, unlocking access to a world of transformative teaching opportunities.


Dive into the online training videos at your pace, empowering yourself with the skills and knowledge to excel as a YogaScape® instructor. This can be completed overnight!


You are ready to start your YogaScape® journey!


Seamless Choreography, Teaching Made Easy

YogaScape® makes planning a breeze! No more stressing over choreography; we’ve got it covered. You step into your class, feeling cool, calm, and ready to rock an amazing session for your members.

Freedom and Inclusivity

With each YogaScape® release, you’ll snag an exclusive playlist perfectly synced with the new content. It’s your ticket to creating an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere in every class. YogaScape® is all about embracing everyone. Our platform is designed to welcome everybody on their wellness journey, making sure no one misses out on the joy and empowerment yoga brings.

Affordable Quality and Consistency

Say hello to quality without breaking the bank! For just £14.99 a month, YogaScape® offers top-notch value. We’ve got your back, keeping it affordable while delivering excellence every step of the way.




I’m Lorna, creator of Yogascape®, nice to meet you!

My Yoga journey was a little different to most I feel… I’ve always been a high-energy person who loved running, aerobics, combat, anything that would get me sweaty. I struggled to switch-off and slow down.

However, I knew I needed to do something for my mobility and flexibility to support my other workouts and look after my body… but also for my mind, to help me deal with the everyday stresses of living in this fast-paced world.

The more holistic classes I did, the more I fell in love with them and understood their importance.

I started teaching Yoga to music and it really helped me & my members focus on being in the moment… That movement married up to the beat of the music just felt amazing.

Moving to the music helps you become fully present – just thinking about what the body is doing in that moment. Nothing else.

I got the bug for it and this is where Yogascape® was born!

It’s an alternative that aligns with your pace, reducing stress and making the body feel good. Get lost in the music. Escape.

It’s not your traditional Yoga class. This is Yogascape®, where we redefine the way you experience yoga-style movement.

You’ll now find me presenting on stages all around the World sharing our wonderful Yogascape® class.

I hope you absolutely love it!

A very warm welcome my busy bees – let’s get you feeling good in both body and mind.

Lorna x


Just £79 to Sign Up to our Online On Demand Training


Join the YogaScape® family for just £14.99 Per Month


New Quarterly Releases

Experience the excitement of new choreography every quarter, carefully curated to elevate your classes and keep them fresh and engaging.

Instructor De-Brief

Before each release, you’ll have a dedicated de-brief session, ensuring you’re well-prepared and informed about what to expect from the upcoming choreography. You’ll find this on your instructor dashboard in “trainings”

Access Everything in Members Area

Your releases (including your music, choreography notes and music), marketing materials, trainings, certification and more, are conveniently organized in the Members’ Area. Head to the Instructor Dashboard to access everything you need with just a click.

Feature on "Find an Instructor" Page

Increase your visibility by being featured on our “Find an Instructor” page. This platform allows potential participants to discover and connect with you, expanding your reach and impact. Join us and experience the ease of elevating your classes with Yogascape®!

Initial Training Made Easy

We understand your time constraints. Initiate your Yogascape® journey with super easy initial training. Simply upload your Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification and complete a series of short training videos, all available in the Instructor Dashboard.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Join our vibrant community of instructors on our exclusive Facebook group. It’s not just for support; it’s a dynamic space where you can connect with fellow instructors, share insights and enhance your Yogascape® experience.

Marketing Materials for Promotion

Effortlessly promote your classes on social media with our provided marketing materials. Access them in the Instructor Dashboard to stand out and attract participants with eye-catching visuals.


1. Sign Up Online and get Immediate Access
2.  Complete Your Instructor Training at Your Own Pace
3.  Upload Your Qualifications OR Submit Your Assessment Video from Home
4.  Start Teaching!


Simple answer – YES! All we need is your Exercise to Music Level 2 Qualification and your releveant other qualification (Yoga OR Yoga Style).

Don’t have an additional qualification? Don’t worry! Just follow the simple steps in the dashboard and you will be able to submit an assessment video, so you can get teaching as soon as possible!

We require Exercise to Music Level 2 Qualification. In addition to this there are 2 options:

  • Yoga OR Yoga Style qualification


  • Submit an assessment video to YogaScape® after signing up.

There really is an option for everyone.

You have 3 months to complete the YogaScape® training. If this is not possible please get in touch by emailing We are here to help ALL our instructors get through training!

We recommend giving yourself around 3 hours to complete the training.

Not at all! Our website is super easy to use and navigate. If you do have any issues, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Never! We think YogaScape® is so good, we don’t need to tie instructors into long term contracts. If you ever wanted to leave the YogaScape family, all we require is 48 hours notice before your next payment date.

We believe in inclusivity for everyone. That’s why we price YogaScape® the way we do!

We have made a program that you can truly teach anywhere, without the fear of music licensing issues. Online, On Demand, in your local gym, in your local village hall… the answer is the same. 


Still not sure? We are more than happy to help.

Submit the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible!