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Thank You For Joining the YogaScape® Family

I just wanted to say thank you for joining the YogaScape® family. This is more than just an exercise programme.

We want you to succeed and thrive.

This page will give you the roadmap to getting your YogaScape® qualification! If you have any questions please reach out to us at

See you soon,

Lorna xx

What Happens Next?

1. Access the Training Platform

Here you will find the latest YogaScape® release to learn and our training amongst other things. Please make your way through the training in your own time!

Remember you have 3 months to complete this and join the YogaScape® Instructor membership. You cannot call yourself a YogaScape® without this. If you are struggling for time to complete the training, please get in touch!

2. Upload Your Exercise To Music Level 2 Qualification

Simple! Upload your Exercise To Music Level 2 qualification by clicking the button inside the training platform.

3. Upload Your Yoga Qualification or YogaScape® Demo

Inside the training platform, you can upload your Yoga Qualification or share the link of you teaching a full YogaScape® class for us to assess. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that we can hear and see you clearly .

4. Get Access to the Instructor Dashboard

Sign Up to YogaScape®! This will grant you access to the Instructor Dashboard where you will get the full YogaScape® experience!

Let's Go to The Training Platform

Thanks again for choosing YogaScape®. I can’t wait for you to start using the program! Click the button below to go to the Training Platform!